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Randy Munkeby, Carrington Police Chief
"Community policing requires that we share the decision making process by inviting public input and feedback regarding Community Problems and Policies"

Please contact us if you know about criminal activity in your neighborhood or about a problem or criminal activity you have been given information about.

* Drug activity in your neighborhood or drug dealing you have information about.

* A party in your neighborhood involving juveniles or loud noise.

* Vehicles driving erratic or too fast for your neighborhood.

* Any behavior you are suspicious about.

Contact Information
To report a crime or suspicious activity, call 652-3321.
To report a crime in progress, or an emergency situation, dial 9-1-1

If you have any information about a crime,
ou can e-mail the information to:
Carrington Police Department
All information given will be kept confidential

For other concerns about the department

E-mail the Chief of Police personally at: Police Chief

E-mail your complaints concerning the Carrington Community to: Police Chief

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